Despite falling a point short from a silver at this years 16×20 WPPI Print Competition, I feel inspired and invigorated like never before.  I’ve learned so much watching and sitting in on the judging and listening in on the critiques on how a print fell short and how a print earned a silver or gold distinction.  What’s inspiring to me is that it’s only my second year of competing against the best in the world and I’ve scored 79, 78, 77, 77 and 74 respectfully.  My scores have gone up from last years competition and I’m really excited about that.  Although I didn’t win the silver on any of my prints, I’ve won new relationships and a greater appreciation on how difficult it is to win a silver or gold distinction.  Congratulation to all of the winners who won with impeccable imagery and congrats to all of the photographers who competed and just fell a little short.   Special thanks to Jason Groupp, Jerry and Melissa Gionis and their amazing team for producing an amazing show.  Your handwork, selflessness and tireless devotion was of epic proportion.

Special thanks to my photo retoucher from NYC Jonathan Penney for getting my prints in competitive form.  I can’t thank you enough for providing me impeccable presentation in this years WPPI.  You can rest assured that we will be back next year giving it our all once again!!  #bestphotographersintheworld  #wppi16x20printcompetion