I am sooo blessed to have photographed over 20 fine young men and women graduating from the class of 2016!! Some of these young men and woman of been a blessing to me and my family. Some of whom I’ve coached and endured tremendous success, winning 4 city championships. Something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Now that they’re moving on the next chapter of their life, our future looks bright because I know these young adults will move on to achieve greatness! Hand salute to these amazing men and women of the class of 2016!!! Colleen Boone Cece Dominguez Shaunika Fowlkes-Butts Alvin Butts II Christine Rathgeber Whitehurst Daniel Rathgeber Aileen Arcilla Rathgeber Candice Harris Rauch Mua Sonia Liverpool Jermaine Trotman Chris Currie Kelly Marie S Mia Turner Christine Whitehurst Stephanie Blue Schaiquana Madkins Glenda Spain