Kelci and Joseph did it the unconventional way.  They got married on the 28th of the December and then did their engagement session after finding me on the internet.  I was truly compelled by their amazing love story and was truly excited that they chose me to be a part of it.  Both serving in the U.S Navy the lovely couple have been apart from each other for over a year.  Joseph took leave to marry his princess and will be heading back to Japan to serve his country.   Their engagement theme was unique.  Joseph is a navy diver and a cross fit expert.  Kelsi is a hot yoga enthusiast and the both of them train each other in their respected areas of expertise.  Joseph enjoys the yoga while Kelsi enjoys the cross fit.   Truly an amazing love story and an inspiration on so many levels!  Special thanks to Landstown High’s Track Coach, Coach Anderson for allowing us to use his facility.  1234566a6ab788a91010a2014-01-01_00012014-01-01_00062014-01-01_00072014-01-01_00082014-01-01_00102014-01-01_00112014-01-01_00132014-01-01_00142014-01-01_00202014-01-01_00232014-01-01_0025