_H8A6302BK2U0287BK2U9633BK2U9568_H8A5687BK2U9764BK2U9500BK2U0360_H8A5014_H8A5344_H8A4919BK2U0457BK2U0323_H8A5963BK2U9773BK2U0410_H8A5985_H8A5074ABK2U0247_H8A4979_H8A6000_H8A5958BK2U0279BK2U9491_H8A4914I am truly blessed to have traveled the world to photograph destination weddings for my awesome clients.  I make an effort to get to my destination a few days early so I can capture the essence of the island.  This is the time I seek refuge and get lost in what I love to do.  Here’s a few images ofthe island of Antigua the way I saw it through my lens.  Thanks Ty and Mike for this amazing opportunity to photograph your wedding and Ronan for assisting and taking me on this awesome tour!!