Here are a few photos from Nicole and Byron’s amazing wedding at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.  Special thanks to coordinators Marion Mason, Diane Jones, Blue Steel Lighting Design, Chaz Bennett, Incredible Edibles, K&W Floral Designs, Luxury Party Tent Rentals, Snap Cube, Laryssa Somerville from Essence Beauty Salon, DJ Rock, musicians Mary Jones, Jerenda Manley and Kathy Bunting’s amazing Marriott team!  Special thanks to my team: Matt, Zuhair and Katie for their hard work and dedication.  Nicole and Byron, I can’t thank you enough for giving me this awesome opportunity to capture your big day.  Thank you for the gracious gift and my God continue to bless your union forever!2014-08-07_00062014-08-07_00182014-08-07_00082014-08-07_00202014-08-07_00052014-08-07_00212014-08-07_00012014-08-07_00222014-08-07_00022014-08-07_00262014-08-07_00032014-08-07_00252014-08-07_00042014-08-07_00192014-08-07_00102014-08-07_00282014-08-07_00092014-08-07_00232014-08-07_00322014-08-07_00112014-08-07_00122014-08-07_00132014-08-07_00242014-08-07_00142014-08-07_00152014-08-07_00332014-08-07_00302014-08-07_00162014-08-07_00272014-08-07_00292014-08-07_00312014-08-07_00172014-08-07_0007