Despite falling short to Stanford in the NIT Final Four 67-60, ODU men’s basketball team has had an amazing season.  With a stellar 27-8 season, the Monarchs have won 22 consecutive home games which ranks 8th in the nation.  Two wins away from becoming the NIT champs, the Monarchs truly made us all proud as the played with passion and grit on the biggest stage in America, the mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden.  Congrats to the ODU basketball team, the coaches and the best fans on the globe!!  Special thanks to Asst. Athletic Director Tina Price and Asst. Coach John Richardson for giving me the opportunity to document ODU’s NIT basketball journey!!AQ2Q8711AQ2Q7791AQ2Q8362233_H8A5779AQ2Q8671AQ2Q8701112AQ2Q7773154AQ2Q8477143AQ2Q8755120_H8A5837122175231AQ2Q8703AQ2Q7565009024011019030021026028036038074034075076106125133136164167182189193199210213216218224229251254257_H8A5910142235AQ2Q8875AQ2Q8972AQ2Q8878p